Short Stories

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How To Write Transgender Short Stories

My Loved Ones and I decided to migrate to South Korea for economical reasons. My elder brother wasn't happy about the decision, but that I was the happiest girl on earth as I had been a big fan of k-pop culture. After a week of exploring the country, I understood being out of the black community we had been treated otherwise. We weren't treated equally due to the skin color. The very next week my parents ship my brother and me to college. I knew what was coming, and I was ready to get humiliated.
Afterwards around 5:00, he phoned me back and asked if I can hang out with his friends. I agreed as it was a weekend. I moved into my closet and started trying out clothing for tonight. I opted to put on a fur coat with jeans and my favorite brown boots. Lucas arrived to pick me about 7:30 out of his red Mercedes car. I waved at him, and he smiled back. He had been wearing a black jacket, jeans, and a wonderful sneaker. Lucas has a nice body, so so any clothes look well on him. To gather further details kindly look at

We went into the most popular restaurant,"Bar Louie." As we entered the restaurant, there were four of the friends waiting for us. They welcomed me with a wave and grin on the face. I knew two of the friend Bobe and Alfred; they're both white. Alfred stood up and pulled out the chair for me. Lucas came and sat next to me. They introduced me to Taisha and Jade. Taisha is shameful, she has a pretty face, and she was very tasteful. Jade has long blond hair, and she was very bubbly.
Composing transgender short stories isn't that complicated as many writers believe. Write with your heart and about the value of acceptance, family, and friendship. Please write in a way to let people know who they were created to be. Clients of any gender ought to be happy just the way they are, and transgender tales can be an excellent way to portray that.